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Comedian, Emcee and Voice Actor (But That's Only Part of the Story)

Photo of Ben MacLean by Francesco Kirchhoff
Photo: Francesco Kirchhoff
Ben MacLean is a Canadian performer based in Berlin.

Originally from Nova Scotia in the Atlantic Provinces, Ben is celebrating fourteen years of terrorizing Germans with his rural Canadian friendliness, and six years of hosting and performing standup.

The world’s only diplomat turned comedian, his one-of-a-kind LinkedIn profile also includes stints as a gay fetish model and flight attendant. Add to this the reality TV-like experience of growing up the youngest of seven, and he’s been blessed with lots of material.

In addition to doing shows in L.A., Cape Town and Tokyo, he was a semifinalist in the U.K.’s prestigious “So You Think You’re Funny?” competition. You might also know him from Go West Comedy, Schöneberg's longest-running English comedy showcase, which he launched.

If you recognize Ben from some of his “non-comedy” content online, that’s something he’ll neither confirm nor deny.

Ben is a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for outstanding public service.

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